How to order and Payment method

How to order
1.    Choose the product(s) that you want and click “Add to Cart”(1) when you find them. After that the message will appear in front of you about how many items that you order and all of them already move to “Cart”(2). Then click “OK”(3).

2.    After you finish choosing your products, please click “View Cart” (on the top of your right hand side)(1) to enter the page of your shopping cart or “Your Shopping Cart”(2).

3.    Re-check your order again and you can also add more products in this page too by place the number of products that you want in “Quantity”.

4.    If you don’t want some of the products or all of them you can delete or cancel by click “Remove” (on your right hand side) for 1 product (1)or click “Empty Cart” for delete all products (2).

5.     After you finish checking your order, please choose shipping option by click “Choose Shipping Option”(1). The shipping option will divide into 2 options which are normal shipping and EMS, the process will automatic calculate the shipping cost for you by use products weight. By the way, you can check the shipping cost by choosing “Delivery Rate” at the bottom of the screen(2).

6.    After you finish choosing the shipping option, the process will provide you 2 payment methods as follow:
a.    Method no. 1: click “Get a Quote” (1) if you would like to transfer money by yourself via bank account. In this method, you have to provide your personal information such as your name, surname in “Customer Information” box (2). After that, please specify the place that you want to receive your products in “Shipping Details” box (3) and then click “Submit” (4) to confirm your order and run the process about transfer your money at the bank.


b.    Method no. 2: click “Checkout” (1) if you would like to use your credit card via “Paypal”. You have to provide the place that you want to receive your products (2) and the place for sending the “Bill” at “Billing Details” (3). Moreover, please provide your personal information in “Customer Information” box (4). When you finish all process, you will see “Paypal” (5) logo on your right hand side and the total amount of your cost (6). Then please click “Place Order” (7) to approve your order and the process will bring you to Paypal page.

7.    When you are in Paypal page, if you already be a member of Paypal you can run the process immediately by use your credit card. But if you are not Paypal member, please register the membership process and you can run the payment process by use your credit card. For the details of how to register you can find in Paypal website immediately.
8.    If you finish your payment, we will run the process of product shipment to you within 3 working days after we receive confirm information.

Payment method via your bank account
***The process will cancel your order within 48 hours, so please transfer your money within 48 hours after you already confirm your order.***
1.    Please remember your “Order Number” in the last page of your transaction for confirm your payment transaction.


2.    The process will send an email to you automatically to confirm your order and total cost before you transfer your money.   
List of Bank account:


Remark: Please transfer your money in fractional currency such as 898 Baht to 898.07 Baht. That will easy for us to check and you will receive your products faster.

3.    After you finish the process of transfer your money with bank, please confirm your payment by:

Call Center : 02-453-2201 
Fax : 02-453-2206
E-Mail :


1. Please provide the following details in your confirm payment transaction
-    “Order Number” that you receive from Quote order
-    The name of bank
-    Amount of money
-    Date and time that you transfer
   2. Please keep your payment slip with you until you receive your products, because Huskies International Corporation Co.,Ltd. will not responsible for everything if you don’t have your evidence.