Term & Conditions

Huskies ("We") create this website as a channel to sell our products, promote our marketing and to keep in touch with our customers. If you visit or shop at www.huskiesbags.com, you accept this terms & conditions. Please read them carefully for your benefits. We hold the right to adjust, adapt, change or terminate our terms & conditions and/or other agreements on this website without prior notice.

1. Membership


You must be registered as our member to be eligible to shop and join special promotions and activities on this website.


You must give us the most accurate, complete and up-to-date information for the registration.


You agree to update your personal information regularly.


You agree to keep your login name and password confidentially.


If you use this website to harm or cause any damage to us or to other party in any way, you agree to pay for it at all cost.


We have the right to terminate your account or membership without prior notice if we find out that you give us false information; do not update your information; do not keep your login name and password confidential or do anything illegal.

2. Link to Third Party Sites


This website may links to third parties that are not under our control. You do agree that we can not responsible for the contents, advertisements, products and services on those websites or for any damage caused from visiting those websites.

3. Licenses and Patents


Trademarks, logos, concepts and presentations including software and codes using to develop this website are protected by Thai Laws. Copying or replicating is forbidden, either partially or the whole of it.


Contents, including text, images and other digital contents (except otherwise indicated) are considered our intellectual properties. Downloading, copying, replicating or distorting this website is forbidden, either partially or the whole of it.


We do respect others' intellectual properties. If you do believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us at (662) 4532201


Products on this websites are protected by patents, trademarks or other rights. We will not responsible for any wrongful act made to these products by others.

4. Product Descriptions and Color Information
We will try our best to describe the products as they are by conveying the most accurate descriptions. However, we can not be sure that it will be 100% correct. So, if you do not satisfied or find the product descriptions do not match with the real products,
returning them is the cure. Same as product descriptions, we put our best efforts to display the true colors of our products. But due to differences color display on each monitor, the actual color you see may not be accurate.

5. Fraud Prevention
We have the system to check for frauds and illegal acts as a part of our process. If we find any fraud or illegal act, we may hold or cancel your order. We have this measure to protect our customer and for our customers' benefits.

6. Comments and Suggestions
We love to hear from you. Comments, suggestions, complaints or simply a greeting will be treated with care. However, the information will not be confidential. We may publish them for any purpose. We can guarantee you that we will not make any connection between your name and your comments or suggestions without your permission (except the case is against the law.)

7. Storage Weight
We will combine the storage box weight with product weight together. For the small items which are handbags, document computer bags, backpacks, folding bags, accessories, dolls, wallets, and ukulele bags, we will plus 150 g. of storage box weight with net weight of every products. Therefore, traveling bags will plus 1000 g. of storage box weight with net weight of every products.

Conditions of Purchase
1. Products
Products displays on this website belongs to Huskies International Corporation Co.,Ltd. (except otherwise indicated).

2. Price
Price meaning the price of each product stated on the website including sale price (if exists) in Thai Baht and US Dollar. The price may be changed without notice. We will sum up total price when you place an order. We will do our best to indicate the correct price for each product. Anyway, some slight mistake in pricing may present, which we will notify you if such case happens.

3. Choices of Payment
You have two choices of payment. The first choice is by credit cards as listed on the website and the second one is by cash, which you can transfer the money to our account. If you choose to pay by cash, you will have to send us your payment slip to us to confirm your transaction.

4. Ownership
The products are ours. They will be yours once you make full-amount payment.

Warrantee condition
Huskies offers a two year warrantee against possible defects in materials and workmanship of this product. The warrantee period starts from the date this product was purchased. When making a claim, please provide the completed Warrantee Certificate together with a dated receipt. The warrantee is limited to the value of the product. The warrantee does not cover any damage caused by misuse or neglect’ accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents acids, water, normal wear and tear or damage by common carrier. Defects in materials or workmanship discovered after expiry of the warrantee period can usually (depending upon parts availability) be repaired but will be subject to payment.

Remark : If your product is damaged in such a way, call to Huskies Service Center : (662) 453-2201 and take the product to the center who will arrange for the product to be inspected to see if repair is possible.

If you decide to have this product repaired outside Bangkok, please be informed that the repair service might be limited and the cost of repair and transportation will be at your expense. This warrantee does not affect your statutory rights. Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without notice